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  • proactive for the cell energy worldpremiere skincare with sensitive deepening effect.

  • The origin of Beauty is in the smallest unit. If the inner center radiates,also the exterior illuminates.

  • The smallest unit of the skin is the cell. From this comes the energy with which the Skin regenerates.

  • The main active ingredient of the product series of KTK Skincare is NADH. As a natural substance it activates the cells and stimulates the energy production of the skin.

  • Authentic care builds trust. One can feel the time which was invested for the development of KTK Skincare.




The main active ingredient of the KTK Skincare is Coenzyme 1, NADH. As a natural substance, it acts cell-activating and stimulating.

Valuable ingredients and near to nature.

The precious substances were developed and processed in Switzerland.

To be he honest and convincing authentic care builds trust. You feel the time has been invested for the development of KTK Skincare. The love for details and the irrepressible impulse to bring a holistic view to the development of a skin care line awaken a deep belief.

  • package_01
    Package complete KTK Skincare line - 24-hour-skincare for every skintype and age with only 3 products
    Product details
  • face_serum1
    Active ingredients are Healing Umbel, Goldmillet, Coenzym 1 in a hyaloron acid base. More regeneration, hydration and fresh feeling you can not imagine.
    Product details
  • cleansing_toner6
    The Cleansing & Toner is smooth and mild to your skin with the effects of purifying, soothing and refreshing. Also with Coenzym 1, Q 10, sheabutter and Vitamin E.
    Product details
  • face_cream8
    The intensive nourishing face cream protect the skin from the loss of moisture. It provides a silky, soft and smooth skin feeling. Innovative lamellar structure.
    Product details